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Thank God That’s Over

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Everton's big signing?

In a rather unexciting end to the summer transfer season (Johnny Heitinga to Everton!) it only seems proper that today’s news is a little lacking in excitement as well. But it’s the news roundup and it’s what we do at Natural Hat Trick. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter to get more of our wonderful ramblings.

In the great diving case of 2009, Arsenal vow to appeal striker Eduardo’s two match Champions League ban. That shouldn’t come as much of a surprise considering they’ve spent the better part of a week saying that they would. The real shocker here is that Scotland and Sunderland keeper Craig Gordon says diving is worth it if it can advance you in a major tournament. Maybe Arsene Wenger should take Gordon with him to the UEFA offices when they go for their appeal. And I’m sure Mr. Gordon has endeared himself to his fellow keepers with those remarks.

On the subject of goalkeepers, David James, the only decent Portsmouth player not allowed to leave the club, is worried that playing for relegation fodder Pompey will hurt his chances of being England’s number one keeper in South Africa. In a move that I can only believe will make James feel worse, chief executive Peter Storrie has told James that instead of worrying about England, there’s plenty of competition at Pompey he has to worry about. I’ll bet that James won’t take it too kindly that the competition he should be worried about is Asmir Begovic, Antti Niemi and Jamie Ashdown. I can see David shaking in his boots as we speak.

One Portsmouth player who did manage to escape the sinking ship, Niko Kranjcar, has announced he is not at Tottenham to replace the injured Luka Modric. That’s strange since no one mentioned him going to Spurs until after Modric broke his leg.

In other overconfident news, newly acquired Sylvinho has announced that Manchester City teammate Robinho is one of the five best players in the world. He claims that City’s summer signings have surrounded the striker with better players that will help him shine. Funny, I thought the Real Madrid team that Robinho was forced out of had some fairly decent players.

And we end with some ‘where are they now’ news. Former Paris-Saint-Germain and Newcastle star David Ginola has been charged with being a deadbeat father in France. He’s facing hefty fines and a two year prison sentence. He, of course, denies the allegations. Looks like he better hope they make a Finding Nemo 2 so he can make a little extra cash.

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When Ya Gotta Go…

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The best thing about the football season is that there’s never a dull moment. There’s the optimism that comes with the start of a new season. The bittersweet middle when good teams separate themselves from the squads whose seasons haven’t gone as planned. And then there’s the end, perhaps the most exciting time of them all. Either your team is fighting for glory (hopefully) or trying to stay up (d’oh), either way it’s a non-stop roller coaster ride. The end of the season also brings talk of the upcoming transfer season. When bums can be shipped out, and better ones brought in. Or if you’re Middlesbrough, you fend off other clubs who are trying to poach your best players.

There’s no club in the world that loves transfer talk like Real Madrid. And while their courtship of Cristiano Ronaldo continues unashamedly, ex-coach Bernd Schuster wasn’t in favor of the decision to bring the wainker to the Bernabéu. He thought Madrid needed more than one player, and it seems Iker Casillas more than agrees with him. Actually, the keeper is calling for a ‘complete overhaul.’ That should help team unity down the stretch.

Ex-Real Madrid player and current Manchester City bust Robinho has not only pissed off Mark Hughes, it’s been reported that his teammates are also fed up with his attitude. I couldn’t see this coming when they signed a player Pele called ‘crazy’ and literally cried his way out of Madrid. At least Mark Hughes shouldn’t be around next season to deal with him.

It looks like Daniel Agger is out at Liverpool. A day after admitting that his trust issues with ‘Facts’ Benitez have stalled his contract negotiations, Barcelona is said to be interested. Who knew he was any good?  I mean, he lost his starting place to Martin Skrtel.

Take that Emmanuel Adebayor.  Others may have been impressed by last week’s wonder strike, but Villarreal midfielder Marcos Senna isn’t one of them. Not only is he not impressed, he goes on to basically say that Adebayor can’t even sniff Thierry Henry’s jock strap. So there.

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They’re Back

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Now that the pesky business of qualifying for the big dance has been put on hold for a couple of months, we’re back to league football. But the memories and injuries of the past ten days are still fresh in our minds—and in the sports pages.

One story that has carried on far too long is Frank Lampard’s assertion that today’s younger players are too pampered. And while his cousin Jamie Redknapp agrees with him, PFA chief Gordon Taylor and England U-21 captain Nedum Onuoha most certainly don’t. Can’t we reach a compromise and conclude that everyone who plays football professionally is overly compensated and cleaning a few boots isn’t going to change anything.

In another story that perhaps you might have heard about, Mr. Newcastle, Messiah #2, Alan Shearer is returning to save Newcastle. But like most deities, his stay is only for a short time. That’s not good news for Michael Owen, who said he would definitely stay at the club if the Great One (#2) returned as manager.

Poor Mark Hughes. It seems the only time he or Manchester City make the headlines something bad has happened. And this time isn’t any different. England’s most expensive signing Robinho was injured during Brazil’s 3-0 win over Peru yesterday. I’m sure he’ll probably have to stay in Brazil a little while longer for some beach therapy.

Former Manchester United teammate Steve Bruce can feel his pain. His two Egyptian internationals, Mido and Amr Zaki return to Wigan in full health, but with unhealthy feelings about each other. It seems while away Mido accused Zaki of spreading rumors about him. Hopefully it doesn’t carry over onto the pitch, unlike certain German internationals.

In case anyone cares, ‘Facts’ Benitez was going to quit Liverpool before signing his new contract. But then he got his way and a bag full of money, and he gets to remain comedic fodder for this website.

Just because. Indian conglomerate Tata has denied interest in becoming Manchester United’s shirt sponsor. Maybe they want be splashed across the chest of one of the new Women’s Professional Soccer teams. Seriously folks, I’ll be here all week.

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What, Robinho Worry?

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Nothing gets Robinho down.

Robinho enjoys some down time.

Robinho is the Alfred E. Newman of football. From the looks of it, you couldn’t tell he’s had one of the most tumultuous seasons in recent memory. But I’m glad that he’s making the most of his international break. Of course I’m not Mark Hughes. But Sparky has nothing to worry about, because regardless of what the pictures may show, Robinho’s completely committed to Manchester City.

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Take A Break

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I don’t know what it is about the international break that loosens footballers’ lips? When they’re with their clubs, it’s the same mixture of bland quotes: ‘Football’s a game of two halves,’ We’ve got to stick together,’ or ‘No, I don’t think the gaffer’s a fucking idiot for playing me out of position.’ Maybe it’s the break from the monotony of day-to-day training with the same players and the same coaches. Or perhaps flying out of town for a week has a holiday feel to it. Whatever the reason, I appreciate this unique type of BS that the players are slinging.

What a difference ten days can make. A week and a half ago, Liverpool had conceded the title to Manchester United and the future of ‘Facts’ Benitez was in doubt. Now they’re the world’s greatest team and the ‘Fact Man’ is the greatest manager in the history of the sport. And apparently, if you believe nobody Alvaro Arbeloa, Liverpool are about to become bigger than The Beatles. I guess he’s not one for hyperbole.

Now that fortunes have turned in the Reds’ favor, their captain Steven Gerrard wants to stay at Anfield for the rest of his career. Or until the next time they finish in third place. And not only does he want to stay, Gerrard actually believes in Benitez’ management style. And it only took five years—way to come around captain kiss the camera. Now if only Fabio Capello would let him play like he wants.

It’s good to know that Manchester United’s recent form hasn’t worried left-back Patrice Evra. The Frenchman calls United’s losses to Liverpool and Fulham ‘a little accident.’ Teammate Darren Fletcher agrees, only he calls the losses ‘blips.’ I guess if United blow the title, they’ll just call it a trivial little nothing.

What’s not trivial to Evra is the behavior of the French fans. He claims the French lack a football culture. He also goes on to speculate whether or not the French even like football. That should get the fans on your side and stop the boos from raining down.

Why has the Ledley King story has become as huge as it has? He’s a fine player the ten games a year he plays. That’s why I don’t understand why Capello would want to include him in a World Cup squad. He can’t play two Saturdays in a row, how could he possibly play a World Cup tournament schedule? Anyway, Capello’s angry at Spurs and Spurs are angry at the English FA for what happened to King under Steve McClaren. And Steve McClaren’s angry at the guy who sold him that umbrella.

Speaking of buying and selling, apparently you can now buy Portsmouth for the price of Robinho. And the sad thing is there are more offers for the drug using, bad penalty taking Brazilian. Sorry about the drug reference Robbie, please don’t sue me.

While we’re on the topic of money, UEFA wants to limit the amount of players per squad in order to keep wage bills down. Predictably, PFA boss Gordon Taylor is completely against it.

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Cry Me A River

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They don’t let me normally do a Daily Thought, but I think that’s because I rarely wake up before three in the afternoon—which they claim is too late to do this column. But since St. Patrick’s Day is the only holiday I celebrate, I’ve been up early and I’m full of corned beef, Guinness and, of course, the great Jameson whiskey. So normally these pansies do a cute intro to their little news rundowns, but the Drunk says “F*ck that.” Here’s my intro: Why the f*ck are you reading this column and not drunk off your ass?

I can respect Alex Ferguson not wanting to talk to the Press after getting his ass handed to him by that fat bastard Benitez and Liverpool on Saturday. It was such an ass kicking that even Professor Wenger came to his defense.

Meanwhile, Mr. Too-Good-For-England, but apparently not good enough for Spurs, Roman Pavlyuchenko has been dropped to the reserves. I just love it when a man’s ego gets handed to him in a lady’s handbag. He might look drunk but Harry Redknapp knows a crap player when he sees one.

Speaking of other foreign pretty boys not cutting it in the Premiership, it seems Mark Hughes has run out of patience with Robinho. Hughes is threatening to bench him in favor of Martin Petrov. And he thought riding the pine at Real Madrid was insulting.

Of course crybaby strikers don’t just ply their trade in the Premiership. He might be too old to be great, but David Trezeguet isn’t too old to throw a tantrum when being substituted. I don’t understand wusses who complain when the get subbed off with ten minutes to go when they didn’t do sh*t the first eighty. Guess that’s why the Drunk was a hard ass (aka dirty) holding midfielder.

At least there’s one forward in this column that isn’t whining. Aston Villa’s Gabby Agbonlahor hasn’t scored in seven matches and was booed during their last match, but has vowed to win back the fans by scoring. Go figure, a well-compensated player taking responsibility and not blaming others. What is the world coming to? Gabby you are now a Drunk favorite. Congratulations.

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The Drunk’s Picks aka Winners

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Gambling is as much a part of sports as drinking. I wouldn’t be The Drunk if I didn’t drain (I mean, sip responsibly) a bottle of Jameson now again, and I also wouldn’t be The Drunk if I didn’t gamble. So, for those of you who enjoy legal wagering or making non-monetary bets with friends, I am going to provide you with three picks a week. I call them my Winners of the Week.

We’re going to start in the Bundesliga. Saturday, Schalke 04 host their rivals Werder Bremen in a battle of two teams whose seasons have gone down the shitter. Both were pre-season favorites who now find themselves stuck in mid-table mediocrity. Bremen is missing leading goal scorer Claudio Pizzaro and midfield maestro Diego.
The pick: These Krauts (Schalke 04) 2 – Those Krauts (Werder Bremen) 1

Next up is Manchester City hosting Middlesboro. Boro is in serious trouble, and that’s putting it lightly. Gareth Southgate has been given the dreaded vote of confidence, players are unsettled, and fans actually want Stevie Mac back. Wait, that’s not trouble, that’s purgatory. City looks like a model of stability compared to that lot, and has enough talent to make Southgate’s seat a little hotter.
The Pick: The Raping Robinho’s 1 – Southgate’s Strugglers 0

And finally, we go to the north Moscow, er, London derby. While not making much noise on the pitch, these two clubs have dominated the transfer window headlines. Now that Arsenal has gotten their Russian, and all wayward Spurs have returned home, this should prove to be as exciting as their last meeting – and leave both managers with something to complain about.
The Pick: Arsene’s Teenage Fanclub 2 – Harry’s Happy Family Reunion 2

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