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The celebration of great men is now over and it’s back to work for most us of. (My apologies to those Bob Cratchits that didn’t get the day off.) But luckily we have the daily reality show that is football to keep our minds off of our TPS reports. And just like our favorite reality shows, there are certain characters that get more air time than others. And while we really didn’t intend to make this a Rafa Benitez website (though that might not be a bad idea for a spin-off); the “fact man” is at it again. If sports are a live action soap opera, the most real of reality shows, then Rafa is Tila Tequila. So let’s start our roll call of random things filling our brain in that wackiest of places−Liverpool FC.

Keeping up his infatuation with all things Manchester United, the jellybean with a goatee has this to say, “We’ve made a team that can compete with them but economically we’re inferiors and can’t afford the players they can. I have enough data to bore you.” Rafa has data? Bore us? C’mon Rafa, there’s nothing more exciting than watching a grown man read from a well organized list of childish complaints.

While Rafa might not be focusing on his club, he’s lucky that Real Madrid’s Rafael Van der Vaart is there to pump up the Reds prior to next week’s Champions League clash. Sylvie’s husband makes the bold declaration that “Liverpool are frightened of us.” I’m guessing he’s not talking about himself and his paltry production of four goals in 21 appearances as a reason for concern.

Van der Vaart isn’t the only one with little love for their opposition.  FC Copenhagen manager Stale Solbakken, whose team faces Manchester City in the UEFA Cup, believes City are “destroying football.” Maybe he’s just scared that City’s money will keep him from luring Kaka to the Danish capital this summer.

And, in case anyone was still following the David Beckham to AC Milan story, The LA Galaxy have given Beckham another Friday deadline to seal a deal. Or next Friday if that doesn’t work out for you David.

Gotta run. The boss is looking over my shoulder and I’ve got to minimize this episode of Rock of Love.

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