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More Cheese With That Whine?

wenger21Arsene Wenger is an annoying douchebag. And before I get a bunch of emails from outraged Arsenal supporters (though comments are more than welcome-editor’s note), I have nothing against Arsenal and I’m not a Tottenham fan. I root for no one team. I support winners, especially winners who win when I place money on them. I just don’t like a man who complains more than a 16 year-old girl who’s had her cell phone taken away.

If he’s not complaining about how much more money his competitors have to spend, he’s whining about teams playing dirty football, or now, he has a problem with the January transfer window. Give it a god damn break man. It used to be somewhat amusing to see him get baited into a media war by Fergie or the self-proclaimed and now not-so-Special One. But now he’s like an ageing movie actress who can’t come to grips with her diminishing looks and fame. And I guess Arsene is an ageing starlet in his own way. The Invincibles are ancient history, and even that 2006 Champions League run is becoming a hazy memory. Playing the Arsenal way isn’t as sexy as it was once was. The Professor isn’t as smart as he once was, and instead of delivering trophies he sells potential. While waiting for his precious teenagers to grow up, clubs are passing Arsenal by on the table. As UEFA Cup football beckons, instead of fixing his club, the man in charge holds press conferences on the state of football. I really wish people would stop putting microphones in front of him.

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